The Two Questions All Leaders Need to Ask Themselves Right Now

The Two Questions All Leaders Need to Ask Themselves Right Now

In uncertain times, business leaders must articulate a clear and concise plan that cuts through the noise. Dev Patnaik explains in Forbes the two questions every CEO should answer right now to establish certainty, meaning and direction for their business and team.

Depending on the sector, leaders are uncertain whether they should be cutting costs or doubling down on growth or both. Of CEOs surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a shocking 40% said their organization won’t be economically viable in a decade. Yet many also said the uncertain economy makes them hesitate to invest in future-focused initiatives.

How to Manage Through the Current Gloom and Doom

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But people need a plan – the simpler, the better. As attention spans shorten, it’s more important than ever to articulate a clear, compelling way forward. That doesn’t mean having all the right answers. It does mean getting everyone focused on the right questions.

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Dev Patnaik


Dev Patnaik is the CEO of Jump Associates, the leading independent strategy and innovation firm. He’s a board member of Conscious Capitalism. Dev has been a trusted advisor to CEOs at some of the world’s most admired companies, including Starbucks, Target, Nike, Universal and Virgin.