Captivate Customers at Every Step of the Journey

Travel has historically been about productivity — ensuring a consistent and reliable stay; getting travelers from here to there as efficiently as possible. But today’s consumers expect that, and a whole lot more. They want a personalized, end-to-end experience tailored to their unique needs and interests. That means the personal touch won’t end when they check in but will continue throughout the journey to the restaurants they prefer, the activities they enjoy, and the amenities they can’t do without. Delivering on that promise requires knowing customers on a much deeper level than ever before and using that insight to create truly unique moments that cater to consumers’ specific wants and needs.

Fracking Forces

Future Focused Initiatives

Ecosystem Strategy

Creating compelling travel experiences around emerging customer needs requires seamless and effective travel, hospitality, and “place” partnerships. But right now, the partnership ecosystem is disjointed and haphazard, offering little more than a flight, hotel, and car bundle. As travelers continue to tire of cookie-cutter vacations in touristy hot spots, they’ll seek out travel partners that offer unique, compelling experiences.

Innovative Loyalty Programs

When the industry launched loyalty programs decades ago, consumers loved getting freebies like flight upgrades and hotel stays. But today that’s table stakes. In addition to traditional rewards, they want convenience, personalized perks, and programs that align with their values. Companies that understand the unmet needs of their best customers will win hearts and wallets.

Adaptive Routes and Hubs

People are taking a more “nomadic” approach to their lives, living and working anywhere they want, whenever they want. Suddenly the part of your business that requires the most capital-intensive, long-term investments now requires the most agility. Looking ahead, you’ll need the ability to identify emerging locales, invest, and adapt quickly.

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