Seize the New Retail Moment

Omni-commerce is not a novelty anymore. From browsing and buying to curbside pickup, customers can complete their purchases across a variety of channels. But today’s consumers expect more than efficient processes and loyalty programs. They want a personalized, omni-channel experience. When deciding where to shop, they’re seeking brands that understand their unique interests, preferences, and values — and rewarding those who get it right. Mastering the new retail reality, requires having plans for how we’ll innovate, how we’ll capture consumers’ hearts and minds and how we’ll make digital transformation profitable.

These forces could frack you. Be Future Focused.

Future Focused Initiatives

Omni-Channel Experience

How will you win in-person, online, on mobile, in social, and in the metasphere? Sure, you’ve enabled in-store buying, curbside pickup, online and mobile purchasing, and home delivery. Going forward, you’ll need to develop back-end strategic differentiators that drive viability of front-end customer experience improvements that customers crave.

Store of the Future

Stores still matter in the omnichannel era. But their role is becoming more complex. Permanent curbside pickup, mini warehouses in stockrooms, and more space for in-store returns are just a few of the ideas retailers are exploring to gain competitive advantage and make better use of less valuable real estate.

Next Gen Loyalty

People aren’t buying from companies anymore. They’re buying into companies. Customer loyalty will increasingly be driven by a “who knows me best” mentality. You need to think about why consumers will choose you over all the other options and come back repeatedly beyond price or convenience.