Build tomorrow's communications today.

Telecom companies are facing increasing pressure as some of their traditional value pools fade. Many rose to the challenges of the pandemic, connecting people to work, school, family, and healthcare. Others expanded into segments such as TV and information communications. But those strategies are running out of steam as new entrants and technologies like 5G redefine service and value. Which trends will endure in this hyper-competitive landscape? How do we add value beyond connectivity and cable? The telecom leaders of tomorrow will be those who anticipate what customers need before they know they need it, then translate those insights into profitable adjacencies and ecosystem strategies.

Fracking Forces

Future Focused Initiatives

New Growth Engines

Doing what you are currently doing better, faster, and cheaper is a recipe for short-term survival, but not long-term growth. How do you stave off becoming nothing more than a “dumb pipe?” Now’s the time to find new ancillary revenue streams.

5G Strategy

How do you highlight the value of your network and help customers understand the use cases? If you really want to facilitate adoption, you have to get consumers excited about the prospect of the technology, not just roll it out.

Connected Home Ecosystem

There’s a race to own, orchestrate, and control the connected home. That includes everything from system security to offering compatibility and ancillary services. To succeed, it’s important to figure out the right role to play and the right services to build, buy, or partner with.