The Purpose-Driven Company
The Purpose-Driven Company

A Playbook for Growth

In a world of hyper-competitive markets, people aren’t just buying things… they’re buying into things. Next-gen customers are prioritizing their purpose. Top talent is prioritizing meaning at work. Yet, a great-sounding mission statement or buzzy ESG initiatives quickly lose steam.

This work fails to resonate because it isn’t true to the organization. To adapt and grow, you have to figure out what makes your company great and activate it. At its best, purpose provides a north star and a strategic filter for decision-making at every level of the business.


More Than a Tagline

Having a purpose is not the same as being purpose-driven.

Truly purpose-driven companies have identified their reason to exist beyond making money and activated it through their culture, stakeholder value, leadership qualities, and ability to focus on the future.

Read more to gain insights on how to define and measure purpose-driven organizations.

More Than a Tagline

Outperform The Competition

It’s well accepted now that purpose-driven initiatives often lead to greater customer loyalty and employee retention. But does becoming purpose-driven actually offer substantial financial returns for shareholders? There has never been proof—until now.

Read more to explore proprietary research that shows how truly purpose-driven companies achieve stronger long-term growth and profits.

Outperform The Competition

The Purpose-Driven Scorecard

When it comes to purpose, there are many conflicting or vague definitions that leave leaders wondering: how do you measure purpose?

Drawing upon a decade of research and experience working with purpose-driven companies, Jump has developed The Purpose-Driven Scorecard. This scorecard provides a concrete, consistent, and measurable framework for companies to become more purpose-driven.

The Purpose-Driven Scorecard

Knowing who you are can help you get to where you want to go.

Increase consumer trust in your company.

79% of consumers are more loyal to purpose driven organizations compared to traditional brands.

Retain employees and attract new talent.

People are 3x more likely to stay at their employer when they feel connected to the company’s purpose.

Outperform competitors while doing good.

Over 20 years, truly purpose-driven companies outperform in shareholder returns by 5x.

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Ashli Blumenfeld

Our intuition told us that Jump was the ideal collaborator to distill the rich 88-year-old culture of our family business into an authentic purpose statement that truly embodied our essence. We are confident that it will not only guide our journey forward, but also better position Standard Meat for sustainable growth.

Great purpose statements aren’t created. They’re found.