Business Innovation

Don’t copy what competitors have already done. Use insight and creativity to create value for your most important stakeholders. Jump starts with fundamental insights about customers, employees and partners to create new ways to win.

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Customer Experience

A great customer experience is not just about reducing pain points. Understand all the needs along the customer journey, and design a new, unified experience that drives deep engagement.

  • Understand the underlying needs and desired experience from your customers
  • Explore opportunities with other stakeholders, like employees
  • Get inspired by best-in-class examples of customer experiences
  • Design a customer journey that fits your brand
  • Get clarity on the capabilities necessary to enable the desired experience
Customer Experience
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Growth Playbook

Don’t copy what everyone else did. Create a growth playbook that shows where to play and how to win that’s based on unique market, customer and technology insights.

  • Get past a basic overview and understand a company’s secret sauce for why it wins in the market
  • Create a market growth map to identify where to play next and increase margins and TAM
  • Leverage social science to uncover what people really need and how we can create value
  • Use design thinking and creativity to envision new ways to grow the business
  • Use a reverse income statement to show growth based on core assumptions and benchmarks
  • Pick core assumptions to test through a series of rapid experiments
Growth Playbook
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New Audiences

You want to attract a new audience. Figure out insights – what really drives them – so you know things about them that your competitors might not.

  • Understand what group is at the tip of the spear for your market so that if you design for them, you’ll resonate with your target audience
  • Gain insight about your customers that other people don’t know and can’t easily copy
  • Develop strategic recommendations for how you can turn those insights into action
  • Bring recommendations to life with illustrative ideas
  • Build people’s intuition about who the desired people are that will help everyone make better decisions every day
New Audiences
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New Business Creation

You need to figure out how to build a new business that is going to resonate with a certain group. Get not only specific features, but how you’ll market to that group, and how the business will actually function in order to achieve specific strategic and financial objectives.

  • Align on how to prioritize a concept based on what will make it great for you vs others
  • Understand your target audience’s mindset and needs; what really matters beyond your specific offering
  • Develop a business concept that has not just features, but also a clear POV that is going to resonate with your target
  • Understand how everything will work with a new business model and specific revenue model
  • Set a strategic roadmap for how the concept will evolve in the future
  • Define capabilities that you’ll need now and overtime
New Business Creation
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New Market Entry

You want to enter a new market, a new country, or with a new set of customers. You need a go-to-market plan that takes into account all the players involved and is based on real insight that others may not know.

  • Understand the ecosystem of decision-makers
  • Figure out who is most critical to your success
  • Gain insights into the most important decision-makers
  • Develop imperatives for what will make a successful entry
  • Align leaders on how to go forward and generate ideas that align with the imperatives
New Market Entry
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Value Proposition

Don’t get lost in everything you could say or what others are saying. Hone in on what truly differentiates you and how to best resonate with your stakeholders.

  • Gain insight into what really matters to your customers, their mindsets and needs
  • Articulate a value proposition based on deep insights so you know what’s important… and what’s not
  • Bring your clear value proposition to life with ideas on ways to communicate it most effectively
  • Align leaders on what the value proposition is and how it stacks up with the competition
Value Proposition
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Robyn Waters

Traditional consultants can tell you the revenue per square foot of a Best Buy. But they won’t invent an Apple Store for you. That’s when you need Jump.