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    The world is changing.
    We’ll help you grow.

  • samsung-billion-dollar-tablet-business1

    Build a multibillion-dollar tablet business.


  • ge-use-market-insights-to-save


    Use market insights to save $1.1 billion.


  • stanford-hospital-delivering-care

    Reinvent how hospitals deliver complex care.


  • audi-electric-car-ecosystem


    Build an electric car ecosystem.


  • mars-tata-end-malnutrition-india

    End malnutrition in India.


  • gsa-us-government-purchases1

    Transform how the US makes purchases.


  • nbc-number-one-tv-show1

    Create the number one show on television.


  • target-retail-in-digital-world

    Show how retail can thrive in a digital world.


It’s about growth.

Jump is a leading strategy and innovation firm. For nearly twenty years, we’ve helped create new businesses and reinvent existing ones. Jump has partnered with the world’s most admired companies to help crack their biggest growth challenges and respond quickly to pressing market issues.

We hire uniquely hybrid individuals: people who have depth in social science, design and business strategy. Our strategists have deep expertise in multiple subjects. They can observe like an anthropologist, envision solutions like a designer, and build financial plans like an entrepreneur. No other firm offers that combination of creativity and rigor. The result is an increased rate of success for our clients.

Jump helps…

  • Advise leaders on strategic growth issues
  • Define new strategic alternatives and financial plans
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative customer research
  • Test, refine and launch new businesses
  • Align teams to get them moving on a strategy
  • Lead training to expand teams’ innovation capabilities
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  • “Traditional strategy consultants can tell you about the revenue per square foot of a Best Buy versus a Radio Shack. But they won’t invent an Apple Store for you. That’s when you need Jump.”

    Robyn Waters
    Former VP of Trend and Design

  • “Jump’s total systems thinking approach leverages deep social science and agile business model creativity. That “hybrid” style is surprisingly rare in the innovation field.”

    Ralph Jerome
    Chief Innovation Officer

  • “Innovation is fueled by seeing the world with new eyes. On numerous occasions, Jump has helped us break through to those most critical insights.”

    Beth Comstock
    Chief Marketing Officer
    General Electric

  • “As an innovation partner, Jump’s ability to deliver creative ideas, user-centric research, and a non-traditional approach is a way to ensure that fresh thinking is infused into Samsung’s innovation efforts.”

    YoungCho Chi
    EVP Corporate Strategy
    Samsung Electronics

  • “Jump has had a profound impact on our leadership team. Jump understood our business challenges and provided an approach that has had long-lasting impact on how we drive innovation.”

    James D. White
    Chairman, President, and CEO
    Jamba Juice Company

  • “Jump helped us create an expansive map of new business opportunities. Their magic was in getting beyond existing market activity to implicit customer needs and practical ideas for growth.”

    Barry Margerum
    Chief Strategy Officer


  • wired_to_care
    Wired to Care

    By Dev Patnaik

    We wrote the book on empathy… literally. Wired to Care was the first book to demonstrate the power of empathy in business. When people inside a company get a shared sense of what’s going on in the world, they see new opportunities faster than their competitors.

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  • Needfinding 1

    By Dev Patnaik

    Looking to become a practitioner yourself? For over fifty years, Needfinding has been a core innovation class at Stanford University. This book acts as the primary reference for methods taught in the class. It’s now available to students and non-students alike.

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  • more_beautiful_question
    A More Beautiful Question

    By Warren Berger

    Traditional schools and workplaces teach us to get good at giving better answers. Innovation and learning happens when we ask better questions. In his observations of Jump, Warren deftly captures the essence of why we exist.

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  • building_design_strategy
    Building Design Strategy

    By Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton

    How can design be used to solve business problems? This collection brings together thought leaders from the world of design to explore how to think ahead, adapt to challenges and developing tangible strategies for growth.

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