Future focused Strategy.

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Future Focused Strategy.

Jump Associates is the world’s leading independent strategy and innovation firm. We work with the world’s most admired companies to solve their most pressing growth challenges. Over the last twenty-five years, Jump has partnered with companies like Google, Nike, Samsung, Target and Virgin. In a world that’s mired in yesterday’s data, we use a future focused approach to help these organizations grow in times of dramatic change.

The Jump Offsite

Napa, CA  I  September 9-12, 2024

For over twenty years, The Offsite has been the premier event for future-focused business leaders to come together, see what’s changing and learn what works.

Over three days, leaders spend time connecting with their peers and getting inspired by their stories. Inspirational talks are combined with intimate interviews and closed-door discussions.

The Jump Offsite

Future Focused.

Traditional strategy processes analyze existing market data to decide what to do next. We envision what might happen in five or ten years, and then map that back to experiments we need to run right now.

There are people who make things happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder, “what happened?”

Customer Centered.

Most strategy processes pay too much attention to the current performance of existing competitors. We start with fundamental insights about real customers to leverage what no one else knows.

Purpose Driven.

People aren’t just buying things. They’re buying into things. Future focused strategy helps companies to become truly purpose driven based on the underlying psychological motivators of customers, employees and other stakeholders.

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We have had excellent collaborations with Jump. Their total systems thinking approach which leverages deep, insightful social science and agile business model creativity provides a “hybrid” style rare in the innovation field.

Jump’s ability to deliver creative ideas, user-centric research, and a non-traditional approach is a way to ensure that fresh thinking is infused into our innovation efforts.

Jump has had a profound impact on our leadership team. Our work together has impacted how we solve problems and has helped accelerate a number of key initiatives.

Innovation is fueled by seeing the world with new eyes. On numerous occasions, Jump has helped us break through to those most critical insights.