How to Create a Circle of Safety at WorkApril 17, 2014

Humans have an innate need to feel like they belong. But many of today’s shortsighted businesses do just the opposite, creating a toxic environment that may actually be detrimental to our health. How can employees be expected to give their best when they don’t trust the work environment where they spend a majority of their waking hours?

Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus Rift: What It Is, and What It Isn’tApril 15, 2014

Facebook has billions to spend, and a company with that much capital should be making risky investments just because a potentially disruptive technology could end up being the next big thing. But if we unpack what’s possible technologically, what’s desirable for Facebook’s users, and what’s profitable for Facebook, we can come to a new understanding of the opportunity.


Jump Profiled in Brigid Shulte's New BookMarch 11th, 2014

Jump's work helping Stanford Medical Center rethink their systems to support better work-life integration gets a mention in Washington Post writer Brigid Shulte's new book "Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time," published Tuesday, March 11th, 2014.

Transforming Healthcare through Doctor Care

The New York Times reports on Jump’s work with the Stanford School of Medicine to redefine employee benefits. As the Times shares, one finding is that it’s not about work/life balance, but rather, work/life integration.


TED 2014: What Marketers Need to Know April 2, 2014

Dev Patnaik will be leading a webinar, titled "TED 2014: What Marketers Need to Know," for the Association of National Advertisers. What were people talking about this year? What are the distant early warnings that marketers need to pay attention to? And what practical steps might we all take back and put to work?

Unleashing Innovation: The Question is the Answer April 9 - 11, 2014

Dev Patnaik will be leading a practicum for some of the world's most visionary business leaders at the 2014 Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit on April 9 – 11, 2014 at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, California.


Financial Services Summit

An intimate conversation among 15 senior leaders in financial services.

New Business Bootcamp

The Jump New Business Boot Camp teaches business and strategy leaders key techniques and best practices for identifying and growing new businesses.

Healthcare Leadership Summit

The challenges facing healthcare today call for a new type of leader.

Case Study

Enabling Social Spending

Peer-to-peer payment technologies are getting a lot of airtime, but they haven’t yet made much money. Jump created a new payment platform that’s profitable in its own right. UNIFY is a mobile payment platform created to help people pay better, together. It allows a group of people to pay for things together, in real-time at the point of sale.

About Jump

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