3 Strategies for Empowering Patients to Be More Like ConsumersNovember 18, 2014

To transform the experience of healthcare, we need to examine the aspects of the current healthcare experience that hold people back from being truly empowered, and alter them in a way that they more closely imitate a traditional consumer experience.

Place Matters and Matters of PlaceNovember 3, 2014

I spoke on a panel about the Future of Work last night, along with Bernice Boucher, Sonya Dufner, Dan Johnson, David Landgraf, and moderator Joyce Bromberg. One of the topics of the evening included mobility and the global workforce. That got me thinking–do we still need old-fashioned physical offices? Does place still matter?


The Key to Healthcare Innovation Is Empowering NursesSeptember 1, 2014

The American healthcare system is in a crisis. With a growing shortage of doctors around the country and a growing body of patients, innovation in healthcare is today more important than ever. In a new piece on Quartz, a digital news outlet for business professionals owned by The Atlantic, Ibanga Umanah, Director and Health Practice Lead, and Adam Winski, Strategist, examine the potential role of nurses as a source of innovation in the changing healthcare landscape.

Interview with Lauren Pollak, Financial Services Practice Lead at JumpJune 5, 2014

In the first of Convene's Future of Work panelist interview series, following their Hosted Conversation roundtable at Convene’s 101 Park Ave location on May 12, 2014, Convene interviewed our own Lauren Pollak, Financial Services Practice Lead at Jump, about the future of work.


Inspiring Creativity November 19, 2014

Jump Associates’ Colleen Murray will be speaking at Inspiring Creativity. The event, hosted by SheSays San Francisco, will take place on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, from 6:30 to 8:45pm.

Money 20/20: CEOs Reengineering to Reengage Retail Customers November 5, 2014

Jump Associates' Lauren Pollak will be moderating a panel discussion titled "CEOs Reengineering to Reengage Retail Customers." The discussion, part of the Money20/20 conference at Aria Las Vegas, will take place on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, from 3:40-4:25pm.


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Case Study

Enabling Social Spending

Peer-to-peer payment technologies are getting a lot of airtime, but they haven’t yet made much money. Jump created a new payment platform that’s profitable in its own right. UNIFY is a mobile payment platform created to help people pay better, together. It allows a group of people to pay for things together, in real-time at the point of sale.

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