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Data Privacy and Security

Strategy, innovation and insights leaders are focusing more and more on important data-related topics, from privacy to personalization. The ethics of data has become a major challenge and a critical opportunity that technologists and humanists must grapple with to secure the future of their business. If you consider yourself a future-focused leader, now is the time to think about the impact that ethics and data can have on your business. Get out there and learn about your customers, specifically when it comes to issues like data collection, ownership, and privacy, and build alignment by sharing your findings with key stakeholders.



By Dev Patnaik

Looking to become a practitioner yourself? For over fifty years, Needfinding has been a core innovation class at Stanford University. This book acts as the primary reference for methods taught in the class. It’s now available to students and non-students alike.

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Wired to Care

By Dev Patnaik

We wrote the book on empathy… literally. Wired to Care was the first book to demonstrate the power of empathy in business. When people inside a company get a shared sense of what’s going on in the world, they see new opportunities faster than their competitors.

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Building Design Strategy

By Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton

How can design be used to solve business problems? This collection brings together thought leaders from the world of design to explore how to think ahead, adapt to challenges and developing tangible strategies for growth.

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A More Beautiful Question

By Warren Berger

Traditional schools and workplaces teach us to get good at giving better answers. Innovation and learning happens when we ask better questions. In his observations of Jump, Warren deftly captures the essence of why we exist.

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“Innovation is fueled by seeing the world with new eyes. On numerous occasions, Jump has helped us break through to those most critical insights.”

Beth Comstock
Chief Marketing Officer
General Electric