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Kathleen Boyse

Kathleen is an experienced executive having led large global teams and scrappy startups alike. Prior to Jump, she was part of the management team at several global advertising agencies, including EuroRSCG, Y&R and J. Walter Thompson.

Kathleen has led the development of advertising and marketing campaigns for several technology and financial services clients, including AT&T, Sony, Sprint and Bank of America. She created integrated end-to-end marketing solutions that helped companies more effectively manage their global accounts.

Her experience with clients is most notable for the level of trust they place in her. For instance, when the Marketing and Communications lead at Sprint went on leave, the company asked Kathleen to fill in that role for several months, coordinating both the client and agency teams.

Recognizing the opportunity presented by telecom deregulation, Kathleen moved to Melbourne to co-found the Australian office of Cohn & Wells, a subsidiary of EuroRSCG.

Kathleen also founded Koolkatzz, a women’s sports apparel company. She is an active member of the National Charity League, an organization that brings together mothers and daughters to participate in community service.

Kathleen has a Bachelor’s Degree from U.C. Santa Barbara, where she studied sociology and economics. She is the co-author of The Girlfriend’s Guide to Remodeling.