Claudia Glasser (Green)


Claudia Glasser

Claudia Glasser offers nearly thirty years of experience in connecting issues of business strategy to design and development. She has worked with executives at Fortune 500 companies such as GE, HP, Chrysler and Pepsi. Claudia helps leadership teams identify opportunities for growth for their businesses, teams and individuals. She has a sensitivity and intuition for the needs of organizations and people, which she’s used to mentor and guide committed change makers in navigating their organization.

Prior to Jump, Claudia worked on Wall Street in investor relations, helping large healthcare companies IPO. She has also worked and done business development at design and branding powerhouses such as Landor, Addison and IDEO. While at Addison, Claudia was one of the founders of the Corporate and Brand Identity Group.

Claudia studied design and marketing at New York University, Parson School of Design and the School of Visual Arts.