Inspiring Creativity

November 5, 2014

Jump Associates' Colleen Murray will be speaking at Inspiring Creativity. The event, hosted by SheSays San Francisco, will take place on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, from 6:30 to 8:45pm. “Why didn’t I think of that?” It happens to the best of us. So, what triggers amazing ideas? And what does it take to pull them off? Our speakers will inspire you with some of the most innovative work out there, and share insights about how they made it happen. You’ll learn techniques for influencing clients, motivating creative teams, and sparking your own creative process. For more information or to register for the event, please see the event page here.

Money 20/20: CEOs Reengineering to Reengage Retail Customers

September 16, 2014

Jump Associates' Lauren Pollak will be moderating a panel discussion titled "CEOs Reengineering to Reengage Retail Customers." The discussion, part of the Money20/20 conference at Aria Las Vegas, will take place on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, from 3:40-4:25pm. With nearly 3 billion loyalty memberships in the U.S., there are countless ways retailers build relationships and drive repeat business with customers. Hear from the CEOs of companies that are pioneering new approaches that help merchants understand their customers and bring them back, ranging from card-linked and mobile offers to data-enabled customer reviews.

Lauren Pollack, Financial Services Practice Lead, Jump Associates (moderator) Jay Valanju: CEO, Buzz Points Catherine Tabor: CEO, Sparkfly Jack Philbin: Co-Founder & CEO, Vibes Mike Vichich: CEO, Wisely

For more information on Money20/20 or to register for the event, please see the Money20/20 website here.

The Key to Healthcare Innovation Is Empowering Nurses

September 8, 2014

The American healthcare system is in a crisis. With a growing shortage of doctors around the country and a growing body of patients, innovation in healthcare is today more important than ever. In a new piece on Quartz, a digital news outlet for business professionals owned by The Atlantic, Ibanga Umanah, Director and Health Practice Lead, and Adam Winski, Strategist, examine the potential role of nurses as a source of innovation in the changing healthcare landscape.  

Payment Models for Pro-Poor Healthcare: USA, Latin America and Africa

August 27, 2014

On Wednesday, September 17, 2014 from 6:30-8:30pm at Moody's Corporation, Jump Associates’ Ibanga Umanah will be moderating a panel discussion, titled Payment Models for Pro-Poor Healthcare: USA, Latin America and Africa.
At least 11.7 million long-term immigrant residents of American communities are excluded from health insurance, limiting their access to health resources. New York City estimates that close to 500,000 immigrants will remain uninsured after the Affordable Care Act implementation.
Grameen America has just launched Grameen PrimaCare which will focus on their unique needs and enable them to build a supportive relationship and network to sustain healthy living practices. Grameen PrimaCare will rely on a fixed fee of $49 per month. In return for access to health care, clients will have to attend weekly meetings with a focus on nutrition and health living.
But will their target market be willing to pay these fees when their real focus is not on themselves but on sending money home to their families?
The discussion will be opened by Pablo Farías, Chief Executive Officer of Grameen PrimaCare who will make the case for the model he has designed.  
This will be followed by presentations by two different approaches to private healthcare provision, one from Latin America and one from Africa.
  For more information on the event, please visit MFCNY's event page here.